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Nattelie Owsley


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About Nattelie

Hello, my name is Nattelie. I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and I come from a long line of builders and other contractors. My family played a role in helping build Boise to what it is today.

Growing up, I was on a construction site quite a bit. I learned each step of building a home and found great joy in the process. So much that my husband and I built our own home in 2001 in Boise for our growing family.

In 2008, we decided to build yet another new home in Valley County. Over the past 15 years, I helped my husband build and run a very successful company in the construction industry. In that time, I also built a substantial housekeeping business, cleaning both privately owned homes and short term rentals.

My experiences in the construction world have really given me an appreciation for homes. I am very familiar with the quality of construction and design along with the ins and outs of the building process and the sequence of events in buying and selling a home. In the house keeping world, I have also been able to help take care of some beautiful privately owned homes along with some really amazing short term rentals. My experience has taught me exactly what it takes to recognize a successful short term rental. From how the homes should be set up, to managing guests, and what goes into taking care of the property itself.

Because of my appreciation of homes, I decided to expand my knowledge of the housing market and became a realtor. In my experiences, I have gotten to learn about and really see how real estate works on the buying and selling end. I feel that my learned knowledge and history is very helpful when buying or selling a home. Whether it be locating that perfect piece of real estate for a buyer, or marketing aggressively to assist a seller in getting their top dollar for their investment, I really enjoy helping people.

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Tap to Call: 208.724.7364